zondag 28 december 2014

Zondagochtendmuziek - Elephant Revival "Ancient Sea"

De band Elephant Revival is oorspronkelijk afkomstig uit Nederland, maar dan het Nederland in Colorado in de Verenigde Staten. Ze toeren door Amerika met "transcendental folk," samengesteld uit elementen van
Scottish/Celtic fiddle tunes, original folk pieces, traditional ballads, bluegrass, psychedelic country, indie rock, reggae, 40s/50s jazz standards and an occasional hip-hop beat (Wikipedia)
De groep bestaat uit vijf multi-instrumentalisten en maakt prachtige muziek. Citaat uit de New York Times:
If this doesn't make you smile, something is wrong with you
 Kijk ook eens op hun website, waar je o.a. dit leest:
Elephant Revival also shares a commitment to responsible stewardship of the planet and its inhabitants, working with organizations such as the Conscious Alliance, Calling All Crows, Trees Water & People, and other nonprofits supporting humanitarian causes. Their very name was chosen out of empathy for a pair of zoo pachyderms who, upon being separated after 16 years, died on the same day. The band related that heart-rending story during their April 2012 debut on fellow Coloradoans Nick & Helen Forster's internationally syndicated "eTown" radio show - like Elephant Revival, a blend of music and social consciousness.
Wanneer komen ze naar ons Nederland?

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