zondag 16 oktober 2016

Zondagochtendmuziek - Dvořák Symphony No 9 "New World" Celibidache, Münchner Philharmoniker, 1991

In het vrijdagse lunchpauzeconcert in TivoliVredenburg dirigeerde Ludovic Morlot het Radio Filharmonisch Orkest in Antonín Dvořáks Negende Symfonie. Gistermiddag herhaald in de Zaterdagmatinee. De dirigent was mij onbekend, maar wat een prachtige uitvoering!

Maar deze mag er natuurlijk ook zijn: door de Münchner Philharmoniker onder leiding van de legendarische Sergiu Celibidache. Langzaam, langzaam, langzaam. Wikipedia daarover:
An oft-mentioned feature of many of his concerts, captured in the live recordings of them, is a slower tempo than what is considered the norm, while, in fast passages, his tempos often exceeded expectations.[10] In Celibidache's own view, however, criticism of a recording's tempo is irrelevant, as it is not (and cannot be) a critique of the performance but rather of a transcription of it, without the ambience of the moment, for him, a key factor in any musical performance. As Celibidache explained, the acoustic space in which one hears a concert directly affects the likelihood of the emergence of his sought-after transcendent experience. The acoustic space within which one hears a recording of one of his performances, on the other hand, has no impact on the performance, as it is impossible for the acoustic features of that space to stimulate musicians to play slower or faster.

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