dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Bericht van Krugman en Layard aan ondertekenaars Manifesto For Economic Sense

Paul Krugman en Richard Layard hebben net onderstaand bericht gestuurd aan alle, inmiddels meer dan 8000, ondertekenaars van hun Manifesto For Economic Sense.

Dear All,

Thank you so much for signing our Manifesto. It does seem to have struck a chord and so far over 8,000 have signed.

Please share the Manifesto as widely as possible (we have now made this easier on the websitewww.manifestoforeconomicsense.org), and do encourage others to sign so that between us we can send out a real signal.

More importantly, please do all you can to keep this debate alive, by writing, lobbying, holding meetings and the like. We will also keep the website alive and are adding a blog feature where comments can be added and a news section. Do let us know what you are doing and continue sending your helpful suggestions to info@manifestoforeconomicsense.org.

So much nonsense is talked that there is ample scope for debate - you may have seen the letters in the FT. If we all keep at it, we can surely change the climate.

Original piece in the FT (You will need to register to access FT pages)

Letter from Josef Joffe, Editor, Die Zeit, Hamburg, Germany 

Paul Krugman and Richard Layard reply

Letter from Marcus Miller and Robert Skidelsky 

With best wishes,

Richard Layard and Paul Krugman

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