vrijdag 11 november 2011

De statushiërarchie van Berlusconi

Maurizio Viroli geeft een mooie beschrijving van het politieke systeem van Italië onder Berlusconi:
Mr. Berlusconi’s behavior and his own words eloquently reveal how his government is based on gaining loyalty through private favors. He truly feels betrayed that elected politicians would put the voters’ interests over their loyalty to him.
He can be forgiven for feeling this way. Because of his enormous personal power — built on an immense fortune, the proprietorship of a media empire, the rhetorical skills of a demagogue and the control of a political party that he created — Mr. Berlusconi has been able to attain the loyalty of many people. The system he has built has the features of a lordly court: a signore sits at the center, surrounded by a large number of courtesans and servants who owe him their power, their wealth and their fame.
Many of the people Mr. Berlusconi has surrounded himself with are corrupt and servile, all the easier for him to dominate them. People with principles are regarded as dangerous enemies.
Dat is vrij nauwkeurig de beschrijving van een statushiërarchie. En wanneer valt een statushiërarchie in elkaar?
Such a system can work only as long as the courtesans and servants have faith that the signore will remain in power.

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